Radiohead on NPR: Download NOW!!!

NPR has put up Radiohead’s Aug. 28th show in Santa Barbara on its Live in Concert series.

If you haven’t already, I highly, HIGHLY suggest that you subscribe to the podcast on iTunes: it is probably the single best, most bang-for-the-bucks podcast you can get on iTunes. (Well, except maybe for Hubert Dreyfus’ lectures, but I’m biased there, since I took two classes with him in Berkeley)

I secret hate my life because I have not yet seen Radiohead in concert: I know, it is truly blasphemous. I count Radiohead among one of three musical acts that significantly shaped my being (the other two being Bob Dylan and Gustav Mahler). Bob Dylan I’ve seen, and well, Mahler is dead. So that leaves only Radiohead. I swear to God, I will see Radiohead one day, hopefully soon. But in the mean time, my friend Mitzi bought me this kick-ass concert t-shirt (“Nude”), so that I might at least be able to pretend that I was there and live vicariously through live bootlegs and merchandise.


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