Rickrolling is Dead; Long Live Rickrolling!

You know the Rickroll is dead when Nancy Pelosi starts doing it:

Visitors to the House of Representatives’ new YouTube channel have been RickRoll’d, courtesy of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).The Speaker’s office released a “Capitol Cat Cam” in the spirit of President Bush’s Christmastime “Barney Cam,” in which a couple of cats prowl the Capitol, to some slow music.

“In honor of the launch of http://YouTube.com/HouseHub, Speaker Pelosi presents a behind the scenes view of the Speaker’s Office in the US Capitol,” the Speaker’s office said in a release accompanying the video.

37 seconds into the video, though, viewers are RickRoll’d, which is when a copy of the music “Never Gonna Give You Up” by 80s musician Rick Astley surprisingly appears instead of an image the viewer was expecting.”

I believe this incident marks the official end of an Era. RIP Rickroll. But I’m never going to give you up!


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