Something’s Not Right with the Auto Bailout Bill

I was reading the draft of the auto bail out bill (PDF), and I noticed something that blatantly does not belong there:

Section 17(b):

“Pursuant to section 140 of Public Law 97–92, justices and judges of the United States are authorized during fiscal year 2009 to receive a salary adjustment in accordance with section 461 of title 28, United States Code.”

That is a weird language to insert into the auto bailout bill: my guess is that some group lobbied really hard for this. This is a classic Congressional move: insert a completely unrelated provision into a bill that no one can afford to vote against. But really, judicial compensation?! Really now?

A deal was struck somewhere, but I’m just trying to figure out who had an incriminating picture of whom such that this completely unrelated language is inserted.

People should really think about whether they want to allow legislative riders: my intuition is that they should not. Maybe I’ll insert the language into the next bailout bill…


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