Who’s Nailin’ Paylin?

Who indeed? (totally safe for work, trust me):

Better watch it fast, because the original link on Digg is no longer valid, as Google says that “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Larry Flynt Publications.”

So as a responsible citizen who is interested in how politicians are portrayed, and as a connoisseur of all things strange and amusing of pop culture, I just HAD to find the full copy. It really isn’t hard at all to locate if you know where to look…

Now, onto the video itself: suffice to say, the fictional “Sarah Paylin” (I’m guessing the name is changed for copyright issues) amply demonstrates her ability to deal with our Russian enemies (who is so closely located to her mansion that they snuck in)…through a variety of physical means.

And I’ll just leave it at that.

But seriously folks, is this stuff really surprising? I mean, for Christ’s sake, the instant that Sarah Palin was nominated, her looks were brought into discussion. This is merely the logical extreme of that train of thought. Someone should send the full video to Chris Matthews: maybe he’ll get an even bigger thrill up this leg this time.

This is what I don’t understand: during Hillary Clinton’s primary campaign, her physical appearance was, for the most part, not part of the diarrhea ejaculated by the punditry, in part because I think people thought that commenting on her physical appearance seriously denigrates her skills and expertise and is condescending to her as a woman. But when Palin gets nominated, suddenly her physical appearance was not only not off limits, but became part and parcel of the narrative about her.

Now what kind of bullshit is this? Why does the fact that Sarah Palin can somewhat qualify for MILF (or even GILF) status count for fucking shit?!?! In what way, shape, or form is her appearance relevant for her potential position as Vice President? But no, people couldn’t stop drooling all over themselves, especially Bill Kristol, that lascivious asshat.

I ask you, gentle and decent readers, which is the more vulgar: that Sarah Palin and certain elements of the political punditry have exploited her physical appearance for electoral appeal, or a fictious film of pornographic nature inspired by the former?


Apparently there is a script available for your perusal (this is definitely not safe for work), and as Brian Griff once said: I won’t do it!…unless I see a script first. So I’ll be back once I plow through the script (pun definitely intended).


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