Another One Bites the Dust

Another bookstore that is: Olsson’s Books in Dupont Circle closes:

“The Dupont Circle location of local bookstore chain Olsson’s abruptly closed today, with signs having been taped in the window thanking customers for 16 years in the Washington area. A single flower had been placed in the doorway, appearing to be the beginnings of a shrine.”

Man, this blows big time. Last summer, I used to go to that particular Olsson’s every week because it was a five minute walk from where I lived. See, I have a compulsion: everytime I go into a bookstore, I HAVE TO get a book; I just have to, there is no helping it. So I must have spent close to $300 dollars that summer on books alone.

It truly makes me sad that local bookstores are closing down one by down: it’s bad enough already with the big chains like Borders and B&N, and the problem is compounded due to the economy. I was pretty heart-broken when Cody’s Books on Telegraph Ave. in Berkeley closed, and I was pretty ecstatic that the new owners decided to re-open the store on Shattuck. But even that little venture couldn’t last very long, as the new Cody’s closed shortly after I left Berkeley for DC.

And this is the one thing that DC seriously lacks compared to Berkeley: the variety of independent/used bookstores and record stores. There is almost nothing here, and given the current economic condition, I don’t think the outlook for independent stores is good.

So RIP, Olsson’s.

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