Gentlemen, There is No Fighting in the War Room!

Why didn’t you tell us about the missiles eh?

Surely the timing of the US-Poland missile defense agreement cannot be coincidental? I mean, on the day that Russia asserts that it will continue to support the two separatist regions in Georgia, US and Poland agrees on a missile defense pact that had been stalling for a long time? This is just too good to be true.

I don’t want to overstate the significance of this conflict and what it ultimately might mean for the international arena, but it sure is fun to watch, from a detached, academic point of view. A part of me wants to rub my eyes and wonder if we’ve entered into some kind of tear in the space-time continuum and travelled back into the past.

Sigh, whatever happened to those idyllic days of the 1990s, when history ended?


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