Colin Powell: Cocktease Extraordinare

From the LA Times blog:

“The Ticket was taken aback when Bill Kristol, citing “people who talk directly to” Barack Obama’s campaign, created a flurry of excitement today by saying on Fox News Channel that Colin Powell not only was set to endorse the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, but “may well give a speech” at the party’s approaching convention.”

Oh Colin Powell, will just put it in already! Stop being such a cock-tease with this “will he, won’t he” bullshit game that you are playing.

But on a more serious note: two comments.

First, why would anyone take Bill Kristol at his word on something like this? That is all I have to say about that.

Second, why does this fucking (possible, maybe, definitely, probably, who the fuck cares) endorsement even matter? Could it be because Colin Powell happens to be a conservative who happens to be black? No, surely even I would not sink to this level of cynicism. Wrong! Maybe I’ve been in Washington for too long, but I honestly think this is even news precisely because Colin Powell is black and conservative.

I mean, as if a conservative, black or white, cannot ever, a priori, make a principled endorsement of a liberal candidate! Should the media spin this as “prominent Republicans/conservatives abandoning boat,” or will it spin it as “one black dude endorses another black dude because they are both black?” And let me guess, there will be plenty of op-ed columnists and the punditry doing a lot of musing about whether race trumps ideology, blah blah blah.

If Colin Powell is the cocktease extraordinare, then surely the media is the orifice that eagerly awaits. So Colin Powell: either you rock out with your cock out, or you put that shit back in your pants.


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