Being a Dumbass

Yeah, what can I say: I made a complete dumbass of myself when I wrote about Grizzly Bear last night. In what can only be described as a monumental lapse of common sense, I blatantly mischaracterized the entire show.

Even now I’m ashamed to say that I did, in fact, leave after the opening band. But thanks to people who’ve pointed out in the comments, I was definitely on some wack shit last night.

And to think, one stupid post probably wiped out all the “serious” stuff that I usually find myself writing. Never mind the Russia-Georgia Conflict or Supreme Court cases.

Yes, yes: I can hear the laughter from the peanut gallery, and it is well-deserved. I’m just glad someone called me out on that, or else I wouldn’t even have realized what a dumbass I was.

You may now proceed to cream-pie me in the face (double-entredre fully intended, although for disclosure, I don’t have knockers like what you are about to see):


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