Spiritualized in Concert

Last night, I went to the 9:30 Club to catch Spiritualized live, and I have to say, that shit was fucking awesome.

Courtesy of NPR, you can listen to the whole set here, and look through their photos here.

The line-up is fairly minimal for Spiritualized, consisting only of J. Spaceman, another guitarist, a bassist, two back-up singer, the drummer, and a guy who plays keyboards/synthesizers. But make no mistake: it was loud as hell and very energetic. But as a result of this minimal lineup, the band could not fully reproduce the sheer majesty of its orchestral sound on records.

In terms of song selection, I wish the band played less material from Amazing Grace (4 songs out of a total 15 song set is too much for what I think is Spiritualized’s weakest album). Not that the songs don’t sound good live, but I wanted a little bit more from “classic” Spiritualized albums like Ladies and Gentlement, Lazer Guided Melodies, and Pure Phase.

However, the material they did play from their older stuff is great. “Shine A Light” from Pure Phase just hit me like a ton of bricks, especially near the end when shit is just going crazy everywhere. As the two guitars went crazy, the two gospel singers went higher and higher, singing “Lord, shine a light, on me” over and over again. It was definitely an ecstatic moment. “Come Together” and “Electricity” from Ladies and Gentlement… rocked so much more live than they do on the record.

I only wished that Jason Pierce would actually talk in between songs, instead of just standing there with his shades on, although he does look pretty cool with those shades and that white t-shirt. But then again, as my friend John once told me: He’s fucking J. Spaceman–he can do whatever the fuck he wants.