Rock n’ Roll Ain’t No Threat to National Sovereignty

Apparently, the Chinese government has decided that to those about to rock, we will ban you.

From Reuters: China targets foreign entertainers after Bjork debacle:

“China will ban all entertainers from overseas, Hong Kong and Taiwan who have ever attended activities that “threaten national sovereignty”, the government said on Thursday, after an outburst by Icelandic singer Bjork…

During performances, entertainers who “threaten national unity”, “whip up ethnic hatred”, “violate religious policy or cultural norms” or “advocate obscenity or feudalism and superstition”, will also be banned, the rules state.”

I’m sure the translation from the Ministry of Culture (jesus, what year is this, 1984?) is missing something, but a song that advocates feudalism and superstition? Does that mean they won’t let people play “Battle of Evermore” and “Stairway to Heaven” from Led Zeppelin IV? This would definitely hurt all the 70s prog-rock fans in China.

But seriously? The Chinese government decided to do this because of Bjork? Because of fucking Bjork?!?! Look, I love Bjork, and I mean really really LOVE Bjork, but she’s crazy, and the Chinese government should know that. If there is ever an revolution in China in the future, Homogenic shall be its soundtrack.

But this just goes to show how insecure the CCP feels about its rule: that it is willing to do something as absurd as this to keep order and control. And it’s little things like that remind me why I became an American citizen: because in America, the FBI only sends letter to N.W.A. and Ice-T, not putting them in jail for it.

And to top it off, I love this snippet from the story:

“Even encores need to be approved in advance, the ministry added.

¬†“Nothing that has not been approved will be allowed to be performed,” it said.”

So definitely no Freebird for anyone. What a disappointment indeed.


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