Has the Washington Post Lost Its Goddamn Mind?!

It boggles the mind, no, let me use even stronger language here; it absolutely, completely obliterates the mind to see that the Washington Post is using front-page space on a series titled “Who Killed Chandra Levy?

The more important question is this: WHO THE FUCK GIVES A SHIT?

I know it’s Congressional recess soon, so news will probably be slow. But come on! A 12-part series on something that happened seven years ago? This is just fucking ridiculous! I mean, how much resources did the Post commit for this story? And could they have been better used to cover something more pertinent?

This is just another instance of the Missing White Women Syndrome media saturation. Get over it: it’s been seven years, Gary Condit is not even in Congress anymore, and for crying out loud, she’s been dead for seven years!

I just can’t fucking believe this shit: at a time when the economy is in the shitter, the Post pulls something like this?! Man this is just some unprofessional shit.


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