How Much is Privacy Worth?

Apparently, privacy is worth about $785,746. That’s how much the telecom industry donated to 94 Democrats who changed their minds on the FISA amendment granting retroactive immunity to telecos.

The data is from, a non-profit organization located in Berkeley, CA that tracks the correlation between campaign contribution and Congressional voting behavior. This press release has all the data you need.

Disclaimer: I used to intern for, so is there bias? Of course! But that doesn’t mean Maplight is not doing the public a great service by highlighting the data.

I haven’t written on the subject because I was too depressed when the House voted that amendment into the FISA bill last month. But having recovered sufficiently, I just have to comment on the gap between what the pols say to the public and what the actual perception is inside the Beltway. Everyone inside the Beltway, and I mean EVERYONE, knows that the Democrats folded like a cheap suit on the FISA issue. It was an unabashed, unmitigated defeat for civil liberties. But if you watch what Pelosi is saying to the public, she makes it sound like the Democrats just won the compromise of the fucking century.

What a croc load of fucking bullshit!


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