Now, I’m going to Pontificate on Things that I haven’t Read

From the Supreme Court case Boumediene et al. v. Bush, which rules that enemy combatants do have the power to sue in civilian courts. I haven’t read the whole opinion yet, so I won’t say anything.

But you know who has something to say about it? Apparently other people who also haven’t read the opinion but feels free to give their unwarranted opinions.

Case in point: John McCain: I was watching MSNBC while waiting at the bank, and they got McCain’s live response. He concedes that he hasn’t read the opinion, but yet feels confident enough that he says he agrees with Justice Robert’s decision.

Wait, how the hell can anyone, let alone McCain, have an opinion on this case in good faith if he admits that he hasn’t even read the fucking case yet?!?!

This is what’s wrong with our media today: the media wants an instant reaction, seconds after something important happens, before the responder has had any time to really think about the question or the event. Of course they say something either superficial or dumb. Two months later, the opposition research teams find the clip, put it on youtube, and there you have a textbook example of a “gotcha” journalism.


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