Sasha Vujacic: Part Man, Part Machine

The Machine at work

If you were to tell me that Lakers starters not named Kobe Bryant would only combine for 22 points and still beat the Boston Celtics, I would have thought you were smoking some of that good crack. But damn, Sasha “The Machine” Vujacic stepped up BIG TIME, and the Lakers finally made this a real series.

Therefore, I hereby recant and renounce any and all disparaging remarks I have ever said about Sasha Vujacic, of which there were countless instances in the past. I will no longer call him belittling nicknames, like “10:30,” and I will no longer speak with anxiety whenever he touches the ball and looks like he’s about to let it rip.

So last night, there was a thunderstorm in DC, and coming out of the Metro, I was caught right in the middle of it with no umbrella. I was faced with a dilemma: either I walk through the thunderstorm (it was also hailing by the way) and watch the Laker game at Momo’s, or I go back to the Metro and go home.

The choice was easy: go through the hail and rain and watch what was then a must-win game for the Lakers. Yes sir, I watched in the pouring rain and hail for ten minutes before I found the bar, and was soaked from head to toe, hair dripping wet, and sat my ass down at the bar and got a knowing glance and an approving nod from the people around me. Because they know that as a true basketball fan, there is nothing short of divine intervention that can stop you from watching the most important game of the season for your home team.

The bar tender kindly handed me a towel to wipe myself off, and as a favor from one basketball nut to another, he gave me a free shot of Jameson to try to warm me up. What a great guy! But soon, after the game started, I realized that I was in a deeply hostile territory: I was the only Lakers fan in the building–everyone else was rooting for the Celtics. So as you can imagine, there was a lot of friendly shit-talking and ball-busting going back and forth. And back and forth it went without letting up, because the game was really close, and no one really knew who was going to win.

Late in the game, when every basket was worth its weight in gold, the entire bar would erupt after a Celtics field goal. So to try to equal things out, I went crazy whenever the Lakers scored down the stretch. Man it was great. After the Lakers won, I made sure to gloat, but of course in a friendly, jesting manner. And the people at the bar were such good sports that I got several free drinks.

Now that was a great game, a great night, and it shows that people really do bond over basketball.

And whom do I have to thank? Why of course, it’s The Machine!!!!! With 1:58 left, Lamar Odom found Sasha open in the corner, and after catching the pass, The Machine just let it rip, and it was all net. After that three, the Lakers were up by 5, and the game was effectively over.

So here’s a big fucking toast to The Machine, who on yesterday night, became The Man.


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