Walkabout in DC, Part I

DC is hot as hell when I got here: DC reached the heat index of 102 degrees. I don’t think I have ever sweated this much in my life. I must have drank about 4 bottles of water outside, and that is only barely enough to keep me hydrated.

But still, the walkabout more than made up for the heat. This is what I love: just picking myself up across the country, land in a city where I don’t know anyone, and start exploring. All I need is my backpack, a camera, my iPod, water, and a pair of legs, and then I’m good to go.

So today, I hauled my ass down to Pennsylvania Ave and walked around The Mall.

1) Freedom Forum headquarters: I love the fact that they have the First Amendment as a giant sign on the front of their building

2) The Washington Monument from afar: as Peter Griffin once said, looks awful lot like a penis

3) Congress: where public interest goes to die.

After walking around The Mall for a while, I entered the National Gallery of Art, the East Wing only for today.

4) National Gallery of Art, East Wing Main Entrance

5) The Rotunda inside the NGA: forgot to turn on the flash for this one.

6) Money’s flower vase: I accidentally moved my hand while this picture was being taken, so it appears blurry

7) Van Gogh’s self-portrait:

8) Gauguin’s bathers: This reminds me of the time when I took Moral Psychology at Cal, and I was reading Bernard William’s paper on moral luck, and Gauguin was used as an example.

9) Manet’s The Dead Toreador:

10) I don’t remember the title or the artist for this piece, but something about it struck me

11) One of the many Madonna and Child’s at the gallery:

12) A bust of Lorenzo de Medici: of interest to me because he was the titular prince of Machiavelli’s famous book. You might say that if Lorenzo de Medici never existed, I wouldn’t be studying political theory.

13) The Pieta:

14) Two women looking outside their window: I still don’t know what the woman on the right is giggling about

15) The first recorded game of “dare” gone horribly wrong

Then I went to Chinatown for grab a sandwich:

Finally, went home after about five hours in the sun, and by that time I was feeling a little bit burned out, literally.

My block:

My house:

I am having a lot of fun in DC, and tomorrow for the rest of the week I’m going to explore some more, hit up all the museums and just enjoy myself before I start work on Monday.

For tonight, I’m going to Momo’s to catch the Lakers-Celtics game.


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