Farewell to Hillary

As a pretty ardent Obama supporter, I have to say that I was very moved by Hillary Clinton’s speech today (read the transcript here).

The speech was graceful, elegant, and articulate. It firmly placed Hillary Clinton in the tradition of those who have fought for the disenfranchised like women and blacks. In that respect, the speech is almost Obama-esque, because it called upon a larger, more noble tradition than simply partisan politics, and it invokes values which we can all be proud of.

I don’t know why she didn’t always speak like this on the campaign trail, because if she had, I think she would have done a lot to solve her image problem. This is a speech that is not mired in pure power politics, and it is, in one word, noble. And more importantly, it was sincere, because I was completely sold on her endorsement of Obama, and I’m usually the one to catch bullshit in political speeches. Too bad it took losing for HRC to become her best on the campaign trail

So it is with fondness that I bid farewell to Hillary’s campaign, because it has truly been a historic campaign. I’m grateful that I got to live in a time and in a country in which traditionally disenfranchised minorities have overcome the threshold of political viability. In the future, when a woman becomes the president, it will be because of what Hillary did.

It is no shame to come close and yet not win, because those who lead might not always enter the promise land, like Moses. But later generations will remember Hillary as someone who blazed that path, and that without her work, none of it would be possible in the future.


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