All Tomorrow’s Parties

It’s a fact that Nico can’t sing if her life depended on it, but that doesn’t make the song any less good. After all, if Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix can make it, then anyone with no range and sings off-key can make it too!

I thought about this song this afternoon, when I came back from an excursion to UCSD to see some of my friends. A great time was had by all: good food, smoking hookah on the balcony and shooting the bull, reminiscing, drinking and finishing random bottles of liquor and wine, and staying up until 7 in the morning.

But of course I skipped over the subsequent hangover, the lack of sleep, and the exhaustion, but all in all, it was very well worth it.

As much as I enjoyed that excursion, I can’t help but also feel sad about the fact that that will probably the last time I will see those friends of mine for a long time, since we are all going on to different things in different places. And that’s the way it ought to be, because people should branch out and throw themselves into the world in the Heideggerian sense.

The things that I will miss the most when everybody’s gone is the fact that chances to fuck around, like this one, will drastically decrease: no more spontaneous midnight food-runs, no more staying up all night to talk about random shit, only the responsibilities that come with a full-time paying job and all that that entails.

Well, I’m going to UCLA next to see some of my friends, and hopefully the hangover will be lessened this time.


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