Bad Liver and…

For your consideration:

It is either a very good idea, or a very bad one, to listen to Small Change, all the while drinking Knob Creek with no ice or water, at 4 in the morning, in the stagnant still warm night with no hint of a breeze.

It’s both a very good and a very bad idea, because doing such a thing tends to prompt thinking, and thinking is very dangerous, because like Hamlet says, “conscience does make cowards of us all.

Naturally, the next question that follows is this: how are we to make sense of sacrifices? What would exactly motivate a person to sacrifice, everything, life and all, for someone else? And furthermore, what would it feel like to know that you are the reason why someone else had to give up everything? What obligations are owed? Can such a debt ever be repaid? And what, finally, was the sacrifice for?

I spent the last nine years thinking about these questions, and so far, no closer to any kind of truth than before. Perhaps it shall take nineteen years, or ninety years, or even ninety-nine years, or maybe never.


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