Pops and Duke under One Roof

Louis Armstrong + Duke Ellington = THE WIN

Seriously, how can you NOT like two of the immortals playing together? Norman Granz was a genius for bringing these two together to record. The Great Summit is the album that resulted from the only known recording session that these two ever did. I can’t think of one good reason why anyone who call himself a jazz fan would not want this album.

Satchmo and the Duke are both on their game in this song, but I want to point out the clarinet player, Barney Bigard, also does a tremendous job. In fact, the whole band is very much loose and relaxed here; it really does feel like a cool after-hours jam session. It also helps that the the album was recorded very well–if your stereo is up to par, it really does seem like the band is playing in the living room.

In other news, does anyone else besides me think that a tax-holiday on gasoline during the summer is the stupidest fucking policy idea ever? I mean, Jesus, if we are trying to reduce our dependence on crude oil, then why the fuck are we driving up the demand for it?

Sure, it’s a crowd-pleaser, but on a policy-level, it makes no sense, at all. All we are doing is drive up demand for gas, which means increasing the already high gas prices, and transferring the increased wealth from increasing gas prices to the very countries whom we are trying to wean ourselves from.

Does that make sense to anyone at all?


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