One Debate to Ruin Them All

I have to say, out of the 21 Democratic debates held so far, I’ve watched at least 15 of them, but man, last night’s debate was the worst of them all.

Question: what is the purpose of spending half of the debate asking questions about who-said-what, who-is-friends-with-whom, and other inane bullshit?

Who was really served when a 60s radical (Bill Ayers, if you are keeping score at home) was brought up? And who was really served when Obama brought up an obscure comment HRC made back in ’92?

And the media accuses Obama of being out of touch with the common people: sure, because there is nothing more relevant to the people of Pennsylvania than who-was-on-the-board-with-whom, and who-pardoned-whom, and who-baked-cookies.

We are all just dying to find out, for the six hundred thirty seventh time, what kind of sniper fire that HRC was under.

I propose no more debates, because let us be honest here: how much more can we take? And how much do we REALLY care about Guam?


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