HRC’s Dubious (and Hilarious) Rocky Analogy

HRC has compared herself to Rocky Balboa while on the campaign trail in Pennsylvania lately, the analogy being that she too, like Rocky, is viewed as a underdog, long-shot fighter.

It’s a nice analogy, except for the part where it is not an analogy at all. Or, at the least, it’s not an analogy that I, if I were her campaign manager, would advise her to make.

Lest anyone forget, Rocky ultimately loses to Apollo Creed in the first movie. So for a minute, just forget the subtle racial undertone at play (a underdog, long-shot white guy fighting against the perceived favorite, who is black), and think about a little thing called factual accuracy.

Why would HRC want to compare herself to Rocky, who even though he fought valiantly and to the end, loses nonetheless? And if this analogy is supposed to work, then who the hell is HRC’s Adrian?

Unless I am totally wrong, and what HRC really meant was that she’s just like Rocky, but not the Rocky of Rocky I, but Rocky IV, in which Rocky beast Drago and single-handedly ends the Cold War by giving the people of the USSR a rousing speech that goes like this:

“if I can change… and you can change… everybody can change!”

Ha, except this analogy also breaks down, for two reasons. First, Obama is being framed as the eloquent speaker in this little narrative, not HRC. Second, the theme of “change” is again not HRC’s, but Obama’s.

So no matter which way you want to put it, the Rocky analogy simply does not work. And it’s a stupid analogy to begin with. There is no Adrian for HRC if she loses.


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