Q: What is Sweet ‘n Sour Chicken without the Sweet n’ Sour Sauce?

Answer: An enigma so confounding, so perplexing that any dialectical attempt to resolve it would result in immediate and fatal brain aneurysm.

This was honestly what happened when I ordered some food at Taiwan Restaurant today. I was waiting for my order, and in walks in this white girl, and she proceeded to order the sweet and sour chicken to go.

But the wrinkle was this: she didn’t want the sweet and sour sauce? When I heard this request, I was dumbfounded. Why the hell would you want to order sweet and sour chicken if you are not going to get the sauce which is the reason why sweet and sour chicken is called sweet and sour chicken? Sweet and sour chicken without the accompanying sauce is just chicken deep-fried in batter: it’s just breaded chicken.

The cashier shared my confusion, because he asked her if she meant that she wanted the sauce on the side, but she replied, apparently with a straight face and all the sincerity in the world, “No, I just don’t want the sauce at all.”

But why? What the FUCK is the point of ordering the dish then?

I mean, if she REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted some breaded chicken, she could’ve just gone to Colonel Sanders and gotten a bucket of these:


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