The Weekly 10 #4

For the week of February 25th, I am cheating, because there are only 9 tracks in this week’s update, and they all come from Nine Inch Nail’s latest instrumental EP titled “Ghost I-IV.”

Under the Creative Commons license, Trent Reznor released the 9 tracks of Ghost I for free, so this is actually a legal download.

My first impression is very favorable: these songs compare favorably to the instrumental songs on The Fragile. Two weeks ago, in the very first Weekly 10 update that I did, I wrote:

I happen to think that Trent Reznor is a much better composer than he is a lyricist, since some of his lyrics border on the ridiculously juvenile/emo angst, which is kinda embarrassing for a guy who’s approaching middle age.

Two weeks later, Trent Reznor drops an all instrumental album, as if he heard my complaint. I thank him, because this time around, I don’t have to deal with Trent Reznor the “angry young man” who’s pushing middle age, but Trent Reznor the excellent musical composer.

These tracks run the gamut of almost everything Trent Reznor has done: sparse to claustrophic, minimal to epic, melodic to pure noise, sometimes all in the same song.

My favorite thus far, albeit likely to change, is track 6. And the reason is because it prominently features the theremin. I love the theremin: how it sounds, how it looks, and how it’s played, especially if the theremin player looks something like this. I guess I just have an affinity for early electronic instruments, like the Ondes Martenot.

I also applaud Trent Reznor for trying to change the business model with this release: multi-tiered pricing options that give maximum flexibility to the fans with no DRM and encoded in high quality lossless formats, complete with a well-produced PDF booklet. It is about high time that artists like Nine Inch Nails and Radiohead tried to get the music industry into the 21st century, and this is undoubtedly a step in the right direction. I can only hope that other major label artists follow suit.


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