Christian Rock Doesn’t Make God Better…

It just makes rock and roll worse.

So sayeth the wise man Hank Hill on King of the Hill in that episode when Bobby joins a youth evangelical group headed by a clergy that skates, has Jesus tattoos, and fronts a Christian punk rock band.

Even as a lapsed, non-practicing Catholic, I still find attempts to make religion “cool” to the kids stupid. It seriously degrades the artistic, literary, and mythical qualities of religion which one can appreciate without buying into the literal claims made by religion.

Now, I present you a manga version of the Bible.

Good God.

I don’t understand the attempt to make the Bible “relevant” to the youths of today. Who gives a shit? If you are not serious about studying one of the most important documents in human history, then perhaps you shouldn’t join the religion to begin with.

Regardless of whether you believe in Christian interpretations of the Bible, you cannot deny its literary, artistic, and cultural significance for the West. I don’t care if people don’t believe in the Bible, but to denigrate any significant works of art just pisses me off.

I mean, can you imagine Jesus asking God “why hast thou forsaken me?” in slang just to make it cool for the kids. What will that even look like? Is Jesus going to ask God, “Yo G, why you playing me like that?”

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  1. Mike Steele Says:

    Found something wierd on blogger, an atheist rock band. If you’re interested:

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