The Last Straw

This is the last straw for me: I can no longer, in good conscience, vote for Hillary Clinton in the election.

I can’t believe how blatantly, and worse, more smugly, Bill Clinton played the race card in the video above. By comparing Obama’s victory today in South Carolina to Jesse Jackson’s victories in that same state in 1984 and 1988, Bill Clinton has essentially pigeonholed Obama as the “black” candidate–someone who gets support from African American voters but lose the general vote.

Nevermind the fact that exit polls show that Obama has a quarter of the white vote, and nevermind that despite Hillary’s attempt to frame this contest as a decision between the first “female” president and the first “black” president, 79% of female African American voters chose Obama.

The facts are not that important in the end; what is important is Bill Clinton’s absolutely SLEAZY way of playing the race card. The Clinton campaign has been hinting at this for the whole week, but now they made it explicit.

This is exactly the kind of politics that Obama says he will transcend and leave behind, and I am sick and tired of Clinton’s sleaze tactics. What a way to fuck up a genuinely historical moment in America, when not one, but TWO, viable candidates can become president and overcome the racial and gender barrier. Instead of focusing on this opportunity, Clinton plays the race card.

I cannot stand this brand of politics, and I will not vote for Hillary in the primaries.