Without Music, Life Would Be A Mistake

This weekend is the first weekend in a long while that I actually have some free time, since no major projects/papers/tests are coming up the Monday after.

So I did the only thing that can actually make me enjoy life: I listened to some live music.

First, Berkeley’s symphony orchestra did a performance of Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony. I always find it perplexing that people complain classical music is boring and slow. Obviously they have no listened to the final movement of this symphony, because it is dramatic, over-powering, and totally awesome! But seriously, the fourth movement always get me on the edge of my seat, waiting for the orchestra to reach its massive crescendo and let it fucking explode.

Second, on the way back, heard some blues coming out of Bobby G’s, so I went in and ordered a pint of Sierra Nevada. It was a nice little blues cover band; they played some Elmore James, Clapton, and T-Bone Walker. There is nothing better to wind down the week than kicking back a beer and listening to the blues.

So now, at home, I’m going to put on a Dizzie Gillespie record and finish the night off with some Jack.


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