This Is Your Brain on Bad Journalism

Why has Hillary’s belly-laugh suddenly become the hot topic of the election cycle?

Sometimes I think if CNN really doesn’t have anything substantial to report, it should just play old episodes of Looney Toons or Tom and Jerry. That way, I’d watch CNN all day long.

Hell, even the New Yorker, a magazine whom I have some shred of respect for, has an article about it. Even if the article points out the triviality of such a small thing, it nonetheless adds to fuel to the fire.

Why such an obviously pre-calculated, pre-packaged, focus group-tested gesture designed to show Hillary’s “humanity” should get such an inordinate amount of attention is truly beyond me. What better way than to show off your authentic and spontaneous humanity by carefully testing it with a focus-group that was put together by a professional consulting firm?

This is the perversion (or as some would say, STRATEGERY) of presidential election coverage: the most trivial things are always deliberately planned down to the last detail, and like flies on dog shit, pundits eat it up.

Eventually, if you consume enough of this kind of atrocious journalism, your mind will look something like this:

Which is to say: kind of good looking, but full of shit.


One Response to “This Is Your Brain on Bad Journalism”

  1. Peng Says:

    well written and agreed

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