The Private I

I always get amused when people tell me, after spending some time with me, that they never realized that I am x, or that I do y, etc.

It amuses me because I don’t know why people would expect anything from a stranger. How can you even form a judgment about people you only interact with in school, or at work, or at any other carefully-structured environment?

So what ends up happening is that I usually never actively talk to anyone that I meet in these carefully-structured environments, which ultimately makes me seem like one of those anti-social Asian kids who is going to shoot up a school.

Too early for VT jokes?


One Response to “The Private I”

  1. hampton Says:

    Wow. I never realized you thought of school like that. Then again, now that I think about it, I must admit that every quiet student I met in lecture acts totally outrageous outside of campus. Now I must reevaluate all my friends and bring them to an event that is not so carefully structured. Oh, I know. The next time there is another MacArthur Park Rally, I’ll be sure to bring my friends and join in and take down observations so I can have some valid judgments about my friends.

    I’m just busting your chops. What’s up Mike?

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