Death by Bengay

I’m pretty sure everyone has heard this story already, but if you haven’t, it’s been all over the news. It’s about the death of a 17-year-old girl who supposedly died because her body absorbed too much bengay.

Why would I bring this up? Because it illustrates one thing about the mainstream media: attention for all the wrong things. This story has been on CNN for two days straight, and this morning they had an interview with the deceased girl’s mother.

In contrast, this story received nowhere near the coverage about the Bengay story on CNN, appearing only as a 30-second blurb.

Now don’t get me wrong, it is surely tragic that a 17-year-old girl had to die, but ask yourself this: which is more important? That the American public knows more about a single accident than it does about an Iraq plan that has American supply weapons and supplies to the very insurgents that tried to kill American soldiers? And guess what America, if that plan goes through, our very own tax-dollars are being used to fund the very people whom we tried to kill.

We are all going to receive death by Bengay.


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